Show Host

Hitman founded the Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association in 1985 and has served as its President ever since. SGHA has grown from a small band of military men to an organization that has multiple Charters spanning three states.

He is the author of several books including “The Complete Ghost Hunter, basic methods to advanced Techniques” and “Hunting the Ghost Hunters, an introspective guide to ghost research”.

He has appeared on numerous national television programs including Weird Travels (Travel Channel), Dead Famous (Billy the Kid), Ghost Prophecies (A&E) and so many local news broadcasts that they are too numerous to mention. Other noteworthy media projects include GhostHunter X (dvd) and “Lost Souls” a television pilot with Chris Fleming.

Hitman, along with Bob, started Ecto Radio in 1995 . Broadcasting out of a small tin shack known as the party barn, beer fueled, whiskey filtered paranormal and horror radio was born.

Bob has served as the New Mexico Charter’s Research Officer and the Vice President of the Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association from 2001 to 2008. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and has studied astrophysics at New Mexico Tech. He is an avid firearms and science geek that assisted in forming SGHA’s branch of skeptics, SHIELD.

Bob is the co-author of “The Complete Ghost Hunter, basic methods to advanced Techniques” and has appeared on numerous national television programs including Weird Travels (Travel Channel) and Dead Famous.

Bob is also one of the co-founders of Ecto Radio and gained renown for his comical commentaries which became known as “Bob the Sane’s moment of Clarity”.

Racer is the New Mexico State Coordinator for the Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association and started off in Ecto Radio as our “news girl”. Her personality and knowledge quickly advanced to to a co-host of the show although she still does the paranormal news.

Racer’s love of the horror movie genre, especially zombie movies, is vividly apparent in the Ecto Radio Horror show, the second hour of our show.

Her college path to date includes Liberal Arts coursework. She intends to supplement that with a strong background in the physical sciences in order to bring her to her goal of work in Forensic Analysis. Racer also enjoys the complexities and precision of music, especially opera – a genre that she enjoys participating in as a performer and as an aficionado.

She finds great satisfaction in lending her talents to producing a vast array of benefit shows and tireless fundraising for many local charities.

Wendy’s experience in the paranormal comes from her appointment to Logistic’s Officer of the Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association. She started in Ecto Radio doing guest spots on several shows before she finally moved into the seat of a co-host.

She attended the University of Albuquerque and studied Theater under the auspices of Jim Morley. While Wendy possesses a strong background in all aspects of theatrical productions, both on and off stage, she also has training via her college coursework in Mass Communications.  She has worked in theater both professionally and locally, and has been active with many local theaters and music venues around town.

Wendy has also worked in several independent films including “Necroville”, “Stink of the Flesh” and “Gimme Skelter” where she was also a supporting actress.

In her spare time she assists with the production of live variety shows to benefit several local charities.

The “Dead One”, a long-time resident of Jacksonville, FL, has had a life long obsession with the paranormal. His search for truth behind paranormal events eventually led him to SGHA. A horror movie fanatic and a experienced haunt builder, Carl also lends his expertise to our halloween fundraiser’s.

Under another alias (Zero Voorhes), he gained popularity with a horror show on you tube called “Horror from the Grave”. This eventually led to him becoming a co-host on Ecto Radio.

His artistic nature is expressed through painting, drawing and tattoo artistry. Musical talents included several years as lead singer of a metal band.